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Harvesting Daylight Can Cut Lighting Costs

Introducing natural daylight into a building is an easy way to cut costs and increase productivity. Electric lighting in a building represents one of the single largest operating expenses of the structure. A daylight harvesting system, in conjunction with lighting controls, can reduce these costs by up to 70%. And there is the added benefit of increased worker productivity and increased sales by the use of natural light.

Butler Manufacturing has introduced a daylight harvesting system that integrates seamlessly into the MR-24® Roof System. The curbless, prismatic skylight called SunLite Strip™ can be used in conjunction with lighting controls to provide sufficient foot candles for any building end use. SunLite Strip can be installed in new or existing buildings to take advantage of the cost savings of daylighting. Whether your goal is to reduce lighting costs or just replace aging translucent panels, the design and ease of installation of the SunLite Strip system enables you to add these benefits to virtually any retrofit application.

SunLite Strips are prismatic acrylic skylights that pass ordinary sunlight through 4,000 mirrors per square foot, providing 100% diffused light, even in overcast conditions, without the glare and hotspots of traditional fiberglass skylights. The SunLite Strip system is powered by the patented Sunoptics® Signature Series dome design. This unique dome design pulls in more light later in the day than any skylight on the market and it boasts a VLT (variable light transmittance) of .68.

B2 Construction is your local resource for the SunLite Strip system. We can help you forecast the cost savings you can achieve by incorporating daylighting into your next project. For more information, please call us at 860.677.0112 or email us at